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comes from ancient Greek, meaning "a woman who serves"

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Birth Doula

Birth Doula & Photography

  • All birth doula services as listed above

  • Between 75-150 professionally edited images

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What is a doula?

Doulas are non-medical birth workers. I provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support before, during, and immediately after birth. A doula understands the physiology of birth and will help your partner feel supported. As stated on the DONA website, a birth doula supports a woman’s choices without judgment and without trying to change her mind or convince her of anything. I support your rights to make decisions about birth and postpartum experience. Whether that be navigating family members, doctors and nurses, opinions about how/when you will labor and what postpartum looks like for you.

When should I hire a doula?

You can hire a doula at any point during your pregnancy, but typically interviewing doulas starts around 25 weeks, the earlier the better!

I think I want a doula, but my partner is nervous. Will you replace him or her?

Not at all! My role is to make sure your partner is fully integrated and feels cared for too. A doula can help navigate the birth space while empowering your partner to play an integral l role of in your labor and delivery. 

Do you combine HypnoBirthing with doula work?

I have many HypnoBirthing clients hire me as a doula. I do recommend you take the full HypnoBirthing 5 session series however, we can incorporate some of the relaxations into your labor. 

Why should I hire you for birth photography?

I truly believe that birth is beautiful. I am passionate about capturing your birth in an intimate and nonintrusive way. 

Capturing the raw beauty of your birth from labor to the precious first minutes with your baby.

Your birth day will be one of the most powerful days of your life and I would b honored to celebrate with you.

birth photography
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