Birth Doula Support


A birth doula's role is one of support, comfort and education. This is your time and you deserve people around you that know your desires and will encourage you voice them.

Trained through DONA, I believe whatever you desire in your journey towards motherhood, I hope to be a supportive advocate for you and your baby. I hope to empower you to have a birth experience that you want. Through breathing techniques, dynamic positions, and an overall calmed environment, YOU can have a birth that is satisfying and full of joy. Birth is a transformative time, unlike any other. A time when you step into the unknown and are able to see a creation from start to finish.  I hope to encourage you as you enter into this new and exciting phase of life.


Birth Doula

1-2 prenatal vists

Assistance with birth planning 

On call emotional and/or physical support during labor 

One postnatal visit 1-2 weeks post-partum


*Email today for a free consultation to see if having a doula is right for your birth

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